It is not very often that you run across someone in your life that is entirely selfless and so generous of their time without asking for anything in return.  And, rarely do you then have an opportunity to reach out and support them when they are in need. Bruce Kujawa is that person.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999, Bruce has remained determined and strong in his fight to battle this disease which currently has no known cure.  Although the disease has progressed to Secondary Progressive MS, it has severely affected his mobility, but it has not dampened his faith and his resolve.

As his Polish surname suggests, Kujawa translates to ‘valour, vigilance and magnamity’.  One could say Bruce has lived true to his family name, and then some.

Bruce has been a role model, father figure and peer mentor to many over the years.  This foundation was created as an inspiration for someone that continues to inspire so many.

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